Block-ups are an array of nifty tools developed with passion as a proof of concept. The functionality of these tools are based on techniques, that we use in our own shows and boy: did they earn their stripes! Built for your convenience and finally ready to see the light of day.

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With RT Stage it’s possible to preview your visuals on a 3D stage in realtime! RT Stage slaps a Spout texture on your selected LED screens in your model. With a bit of effort you can have a great overview of how your visuals are going to land on a stage.

Midi Envelopes converts a MIDI track into an Resolume Envelope. You can edit a MIDI track to a video for example. Simply set the exported Envelope in Resolume to the ‘Clip Position’ for that Video / Audio track  and it’s perfectly in sync when you trigger the clip.


With OSCMPTE you can select which Ableton Clip is going to completely takeover which Resolume clip per Track or Layer. Because it’s a network based app, you can run OSCMPTE on stage and control a Resolume Video Server in the front of house, with nothing but an Ethernet cable!


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